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3 Reasons to Use A Tile Alternative in Your Bathroom Remodel

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Does the use of tile in your bathroom remodel seem as obvious as the installation of a shower and a toilet? Believe it or not, many remodelers choose to forego tile in favor of alternative materials. Here are three reasons to consider tile alternatives in your new remodel:


If you’ve dealt with tile before then you know what a hassle it can be. Unless you are extremely disciplined in your cleaning regimen, tile quickly develops mold, mildew and grime. Sure, you tell yourself you’re going to scrub it every Saturday, so gunk won’t be a problem. But life just tends to get in the way of even our best intentions. One skipped Saturday cleaning soon turns into a whole month of gunk and grime buildup. We know — life happens.

Why not use materials that require less discipline? Other bathroom surfaces, such as stone, quartz, acrylic, granite and Piedrafina can keep their freshly-cleaned look much longer. They also may reduce or eliminate any need to recaulk.


We know what you’re thinking: there are definitely wall materials more costly than tile. This is true. Tile isn’t the most expensive bathroom material. Look beyond material costs, however, and you will find that tiling also includes a high cost of labor. Tiling is a labor-intensive activity, and time, as you know, is money.

Make sure you get an accurate estimate for the entire tile job before you commit. The price of using other hard materials, such as stone, quartz or granite may be closer in price than you originally thought.

Set Your Bathroom Apart

Tile has been the dominant material in Utah bathrooms for some time now. While it can look great, tile as a bathroom wall covering is anything but unique.

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with your new bathroom design, or just want a refreshing change, tile alternatives are a fantastic solution. Set your bathroom apart with stunning marble, beautiful quartz or breathtaking granite!

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