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3 Ideas for a Colorful Bathroom Renovation

When you’re investing a lot of time and money into a bathroom renovation, it can feel intimidating to make even small decisions…like the color to paint the walls. Bathroom remodels range in type from extravagant master baths to beautiful little powder rooms, so it is understandable that one can get lost in the breadth of information available. The colors you pick in the bath, walls and the fixtures will most likely be something that will be a part of your home and daily life for a long time. We have taken some of the stress away by offering three modern ideas that will give your new restroom a vibrant, fresh look.

Bring in Color with Unique Accessories

Inexpensive art, decorative glass, woven baskets, and even family photos are all great options for adding a stamp of personal style to one of the most important rooms in the house. Be conscientious of humidity and avoid incorporating pieces that could be damaged by a damp atmosphere. Live plants tend to do very well in bathrooms, if the space has natural light. Look into orchids, fiddle-leaf figs, and philodendron for low-maintenance greenery.
3 Ideas for a Colorful Bathroom Renovation

Get Bold with Your Fixtures

Black and brushed gold fixtures are both booming in popularity right now, and we completely understand as they are a small element of any washroom that makes a huge impact. A basic white canvas will suddenly seem far more exciting when your knobs, handles, and faucets make a beautiful and modern statement.
3 Ideas for a Colorful Bathroom Renovation

Paint the Walls an Energetic Color

The great news about any bathroom is it is a small space in the home, meaning it is the perfect place to take some risks and try something new. Teal, yellow, and pink are all trending in the home design world and make a great statement. White is timeless, but can also be boring…so consider something more fun and audacious to have a room guests will remember. Consider lighting in the space when making these decisions of course. If your bathroom lacks windows, keep tones on the brighter, lighter side to prevent the space from feeling dark and small. If this is the grand master bath of your home and there is natural light to spare, you can get away with something dramatic like a turquoise green or magenta pink. Paired against classic fixtures, you may just be surprised at how much you love a fearless color.
3 Ideas for a Colorful Bathroom Renovation

We hope you feel inspired to add some pizzazz to one of the most important spaces in any home, and that you may be able to make your bathroom renovation truly unique and special. For more inspiration, guidance, or to start the process of a bathroom remodel in your Utah home…call the experts at Bath Crest @ 801-980-2991.

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